Savings Above You

Savings Above You

You've just been through a claim where your roof was replaced. The vendors are paid, your deductible is paid, and your claims adjuster has just finished sending you a full report of the settlement. At this point in the claim, everything is done right? Not quite. In addition to completing the claim process, most insureds forget to notify their local agent that the roof has just been replaced. This is vital information that must be advised by you to your agent for two reasons:

1) The dwelling coverage on your policy needs to be updated to ensure your home (roof included) is properly insured.

2) There are savings to be had by updating your roof year!  This second reason is one of the most overlooked pieces of information on a homeowners policy, however it is so important to your policy coverages and especially to your pocket book.

So if you've had a claim involving roof replacement or perhaps an update to your home that is not yet reflected on your policy, call your agent today.  Be sure to provide documentation to support the changes and your agent will then be able to advise you on savings or any increases that may be incurred from the updates. Now it is possible that you could have an increase, however you have to ask yourself..would I rather pay a few bucks more to make sure I'm not underinsured? Short answer: yes!  

While a new roof generally brings on savings, if it's a hail resistant roof - that's a game changer because you're looking at savings and a super durable roof. Another awesome benefit of a hail resistant roof is waiving bye bye to shingle repairs.  If you have/get a hail resistant roof, you will receive a certificate that is certified by the Department of Insurance.  It's important that you provide the certificate to your agent so they can account for that roof and get you those savings.

Contact us today if you're a client in need of updating your roof information and contact us today if you're not a client!  As an independent agency, we have many companies that we can shop through to provide you the perfect home policy and as always we offer a 100% hassle free quote. We let the wonderful coverage and savings do all the talking.

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Article Written by: Vanessa Younts / Capital Strategies AHB Agency Service Team & Sales Support (TX) (CO) (NM)

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