Making A List, Checking It Twice!

Making A List, Checking It Twice!

When you hear the words, " making a list and checking it twice"; odds are you're thinking of Santa Claus!

Well making a list isn't just something that Santa does, it's something you should be doing too! Now the type of lists that you make will vary, however one of the most important lists that you can possibly make is a personal contents inventory list!

Home Insurance & Renters Insurance customers often forget to make a list of valuable possessions that are both scheduled and unscheduled. Why would you need this list? Well, in the event of a loss, you will probably be fairly distracted. By having a list preprepared and updated, you're more likelty to get an accurate accounting of everything you need to share with the police or claims representative. Don't forget photos! In addition to making a list with these valuable details, having a photo library of your items and their serial numbers can really build a strong inventory. 

Here's a couple of details to consider including when creating your lsit:

  • Full Name
  • Description
  • Color
  • Serial #s on Item
  • Date Purchased
  • Proof Of Purchase (Y/N)
  • Value (If Applicable)
  • Method of Purchase (If it's a card - bank could have statement if you lose receipt)
  • Location of Purchase 

These bullet points in addition to photos can help to build a very strong inventory list. Don't forget to date it at the top so you know when you last updated your list. 

Bonus Tip: You may find that creating this list will also help you to determine how much personal contents coverage you need for your home or renters policy; talk about multipurpose document!

Should you make a list or not, be sure to secure coverage for your contents and if in doubt, ask your agent to help make sure you have plenty of coverage. No agent will ever say no to helping you protect what's important to you. After all, you and your family are very important to us!

Until next time,

Stay Well And Stay Safe!

- Your Team @ Capital Strategies AHB

Article Written By: Vanessa Younts, Service Team & Licensed Agent Sales Support



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